Les raisons pour lesquelles Goodfellas 2.0 est si populaire sont nombreuses. C’est un des rares addons qui coche toutes les cases de vos besoins pour une extension Kodi IPTV.Que ce soit une bonne qualité de streaming, un grand nombre d’options, la facilité d’accès, ou la fiabilité de ses flux; Goodfellas 2.0 a tout. Le nom Goodfellas est populaire parmi les utilisateurs de Kodi

DO NOT BUY GFSERVER aka GOODFELLAS aka GFGOLD IPTV service!!! The service rarely works and when it does it lags like hell. It's a crap IPTV service. If you pay for 3 months you'll only get 1.5 months of service before it stops. If you email them, don't expect a response. AND if you get one, the person responding is a total asshole. They will talk to you like you're stupid. All they are is a The Goodfellas kodi addon, as the name suggests is really Goodfellas to the Kodi users. What doesn’t this addon provide? will be your next question. The Goodfellas kodi addon provides everything from movies, Tv shows, Tv channels, Live sports, Live happenings around the world to documentary, music, audiobooks, culinary and much more. We will discuss in detail regarding them later. 23/06/2016 The Goodfellas KODI Addon is an All In One add-on with an insane IPTV / Live TV Channel list, Movies, Kids, 24/7, Documentaries, Sports, Stand up, Music, Military, Culinary, Her Place and lot, lot more! Voici à quoi ressemble l’interface d’IPTV Kodi Goodfellas 2.0. La version 2.0 de l’extension Goodfellas est une version améliorée de la première sortie il y a quelques années. Cette version mise à jour est une version orientée télévision en direct. Ainsi, elle offre des programmes variés qui vont du sport aux films, en passant par les programmes d’information, de jeunesse ou Find out when and where you can watch Goodfellas on tv with the full listings schedule at TVGuide.com.

Select Goodfellas and Click on goodfellas.zip to install; Go to Install from Repository again and Select Goodfellas > Video add-ons and then Click Goodfellas 2.0; Wait for the add-on to install now head back to Kodi Home screen; Click on add-ons and launch Goodfellas; Enjoy watching thousands of IPTV Kodi live channels on your device.

29/01/2007 · ask daffy iptv/vod just got better a great iptv for kodi. the best 2015 kodi addon. ruyabe. 9:19. goodfellas iptv and vod addon super iptv addon. goodfellas. 5:03. how to add ask daffy iptv / vod best iptv with new repo link even better f 8 Jan 2020 Goodfellas is a Kodi IPTV Service that streams live tv, movies, music, tv shows, and much more. As with any IPTV Service on Kodi, there may be  30 Dec 2016 This is a Super Simple Tech review of Kodi's GoodFellas 2.0, an updated version of GoodFellas which supports a wide selection of working IP 

Goodfellas 2.0 is the second major version of the Goodfellas add-on, developed and released by the folks at Team Goodfellas. This add-on provides free IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) services for Kodi users all over the world, allowing people to watch all of their favorite channels in real-time.

4 Oct 2017 This guide takes a look into the Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi addon, breaks down what you'll find inside, and explores some notable Goodfellas  9 Jul 2020 It's also 100 percent legal, making it a great IPTV option for Kodi. The addon is brand new as well from developer Lunatix, making it a solid  8 Jul 2020 Goodfellas sounds like something you would hear in a movie. In reality, this kodi iptv is among the real OGs of live television on Kodi. It provides  2 Jul 2020 Click on add-ons and launch Goodfellas; Enjoy watching thousands of IPTV Kodi live channels on your device. Note: you must setup Live TV  24 Qershor 2016 GOODFELLAS IPTV AND VOD ADDON SUPER IPTV ADDON. Goodfellas. Follow. 4 years ago|62 views. GOODFELLAS IPTV AND VOD  The reasons why Goodfellas 2.0 is so popular are many. It is one of the few addons that ticks all the boxes in your requirements  5 Jul 2016 Install Goodfellas Kodi Addon - Install this amazing new iptv addon that not only has live channels but lots of other great content. Enjoy Guys.